The Benefits of Dismantling and Relocation Services

Here at Diversified Rack & Shelving, we provide professional dismantling and relocation services for warehouses across America. We offer a range of services including but not limited to:

  • Palletizing and banding materials
  • Loading and unloading of materials
  • Providing forklift rentals
  • Modifying, repairing, or fabricating existing racks
  • Making deliveries
  • Providing an on-site field supervisor

Additionally, we keep all areas clean and neat. 

Dismantling and relocation services provide a host of benefits for warehouses, from cost savings to environmental benefits.  

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3 Crucial Warehouse Safety Tips

Running a warehouse is a complex operation, and there are countless safety hazards that can arise unexpectedly when workers are unprepared. From forklift collisions to falling merchandise, you just never know what can go wrong. If you want to preclude the possibility of a serious accident, injury, or spill occuring in your warehouse, follow these three warehouse safety tips.

Identify & Address Potential Safety Hazards

The first and most important thing you should do to prevent warehouse accidents is to analyze the work area and find any and all potential safety hazards. Are pallets and products stacked evenly? If not, or if you are unsure and simply want to prepare for the worst-case scenario, wire mesh decks will protect your workers from falling pallets and products. You must also make sure to address other potential issues like leaks and wet floors, faulty equipment, and more.

Educate Warehouse Workers

Another crucial component of warehouse safety is awareness. With heavy gear and dangerous equipment being moved around constantly throughout the day, it is vitally important to know where other workers are, no matter what you are doing on the floor. A good start is to encourage employees to use their voice more, and shout to one another and identify their location when they are moving with dangerous equipment.

Always Use Safety Equipment

Make sure your employees are always wearing safety gear when they are working on in a warehouse. This includes protective eyewear, hard hats, and other safety equipment as needed. You should also ensure that sprinklers are not blocked by moving equipment or products/materials being stored in the way. You should also look into safety add-ons for your equipment and machinery, as this is one of the best ways to prevent potential warehouse disasters and employee injuries.

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Why Use Wire Shelving in a Warehouse?

From wire shelving in NJ to full rack installation across the PA region, we’ve spent almost three decades helping businesses create more space, and improve their storage systems. Commercial warehouses are the bread and butter of many manufacturing and distribution driven businesses. However, many companies fail to appropriately utilize the space that they have available. Below, we’ve listed some of the main reasons to choose wire shelving for your warehouse.

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Tips For Organizing a Warehouse

Here at Diversified Rack, we provide professional rack and shelving installation for businesses in NJ, PA, and NY. By incorporating new racks and shelves into working spaces, we help companies to create more space and an organized, efficient way to stock products. As part of our work, we’re continually visiting warehouses across the country and helping to improve efficiency while saving wholesalers and manufacturers thousands of dollars in moving and storage costs. 

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Benefits of Buying Used Pallet Racking For Your Business

As the most reputable provider of used pallet racks in PA, we stock an extensive range of used pallet racking and material handling equipment. Our team of professional handling specialists offers complete service and installation for all of our products. We’ve been buying, selling, installing, and maintaining shelving and storage systems for almost 30 years and have established ourselves as an authority in our industry.

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Should You Install a Drive-In or Drive-Through Pallet Racking System in Your Warehouse?

With many different types of pallet racking system available, choosing the right style for your warehouse can be a nightmare. As the leading provider of drive-in pallet racking systems in NJ, we urge any warehouses that store large volumes of the same items to consider your storage options carefully.

Drive-in pallet racking systems are efficient solutions for high-density storage. They allow items to be stored horizontally or vertically with no aisles between bays. This means that warehouse owners can increase their storage space by up to 75 percent, packing more pallets into the same area than is possible with other pallet racking systems. Continue reading “Should You Install a Drive-In or Drive-Through Pallet Racking System in Your Warehouse?”

The Benefits of Installing Warehouse Mezzanines

Here at Diversified Rack & Shelving, we provide a range of new and used materials to businesses in New Jersey and across the country. We also offer rack installations in PA and surrounding areas. Our products include pallet racks, conveyors, skate wheels, carousels, and mezzanines. But what are the benefits of installing a warehouse mezzanine? Our expert team has listed some below for the reference of our customers old and new.

What is a Warehouse Mezzanine?

A warehouse mezzanine floor system is an elevated platform installed between the ceiling and floor of a warehouse building. Generally, these are free-standing structures that are easily dismantled and moved. Mezzanines are often made of steel, but this can vary based on the specific needs of a client. These essential structures can also be designed to accommodate concrete flooring surfaces.

Why are Mezzanines Effective?

Mezzanine systems are practical solutions for increasing storage and workspace by utilizing unused vertical space. After the construction of the mezzanine, the area beneath the structure can also be used for storage or any other purposes. There are several types of mezzanines, but steel is the most common for warehouse usage.

Storage is no Longer an Issue:

A problem often faced at distribution centers and manufacturing facilities is storage. Businesses with production lines with multiple shipping responsibilities can often outgrow their facilities due to increased demand for products. Space can become an additional demand. A mezzanine allows businesses to add a substantial amount of space which can keep your business in its’ current warehouse for longer without the cost of upsizing.

Remain in your Current Location:

Space constraints could leave businesses with the added expense of a move on their minds. With the help of mezzanine professionals, space can be created via professionally customized platforms. The cost of such services is much more palatable than moving the entire business to a more prominent location.

Businesses considering mezzanine or shelving installation in NY and surrounding areas are encouraged to click here today. Our expert technicians can help you find space in your warehouse in even the most congested of industrial buildings.

Need Pallet Support? 4 Types of Wire Mesh Decking

Operating a warehouse is not only about efficiency, but safety. Wire mesh decking provides added safety to warehouse applications. Decades ago, an emphasis was put on achieving low costs at a high turnaround, leaving workplace safety at the bottom of the priorities list. At Diversified Rack, we offer solutions to warehouse owners to provide a safe and secure environment, while increasing efficiency and productivity.

We offer a variety of shelving options from pallet racks to used metal shelving in PA. Wire mesh decking offers a form of support to pallet racks with their heavy-duty, grid-style beams. If you’re unsure which type of decking will best support the loads in your warehouse, check out the below options:

Standard Decking

A popular pallet rack support option is standard wire decking. The wire drops over the sides of the beam, holding it securely in place. This option offers the most durability and strength compared to other decking support. This standard option gives you the flexibility to store a variety of products.

Flared Decking

Similar in design to the standard decking option, flared decking also drops over the sides of the beam, which adds great structural stability. However, it is better suited for structural beams and box channels.

Inside Waterfall Decking

Warehouse owners favor inside waterfall decking for lower level stacking and for applications related to order pickup. Beams are not covered with this type of decking, which allows them to be used for barcode labeling. Rather than dropping over the step beam, when the decking drops down, it comes in contact with the inside of the beam.

Flat Decking

Step beams are left uncovered with flat decking, as they are designed with a flat edge. The flat edge sits flush up against the beam, rather than hanging over it. Flat wire mesh decking is ideal for hand loading and bulk rack or shelving.

Those looking for new or used metal shelving in NJ should continue browsing our website to look through our variety of warehouse storage solutions. For questions regarding our shelving options or decking support, please feel free to contact us directly at 800-653-2031.

Storage Racks May be Damaged Beyond Repair — 4 Signs it’s Time for a New System

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your warehouse storage system. While most storage systems are designed to hold up for years, there is a significant amount of wear they endure that can cut years of their life. It’s important to take note of these damages, as failure to do so can result in a hazardous load collapse. If you’re a warehouse manager relying on the safety and efficiency of your storage racks, review the following signs of damage to determine whether or not they need replacing:

Beam Deflections

With the amount of weight that gets put on storage racks, it’s common for beam structures to experience minor deflections, or begin to sag. The issue arises when beams deflect excessively, putting it at risk of collapse. When you notice beams have major deflections, you should immediately relieve them of weight and replace the structure.


Once your metal storage racks have begun to rust and corrode, repairing them could be out of the question. Often times, when corrosion becomes visible, the beams are likely too weak to support weight as it once did. If you’re unsure how far gone the damage is, our team will come out and inspect your entire storage unit.

Loose Baseplate

The baseplate for storage units keep the structure sturdy and intact; therefore, it plays an essential role in load capacity. A loose baseplate can cause stress to the foundation of the unit, affecting its structural integrity.

Forklift Impact

It’s not uncommon for storage units to experience impacts from forklifts and other equipment used to handle materials. Depending on how severe the damage is, especially if it occurs often, it could begin to affect other areas of the unit. Harsh impacts to a storage unit can cause issues with structural beams and connectors.

Investing in Diversified Rack’s new or used warehouse racking in PA will ensure the items in your storage are safe and secure. Our team will handle all aspects of the installation process, so you can rest assured that your storage system will be set up properly. For further questions regarding different forms of pallet racks in PA, feel free to contact us at 800-653-2031.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Used Pallet Racks

Organization and efficiency are what keep warehouse and distribution centers running smoothly. Diversified Rack, the leading distributor of industrial shelving in PA, carries used Pallet racks. These space-saving racks might just be the key to productivity and space optimization, which is essential for adequate workflow.

Used Pallet racks provide an array of benefits that could save you time and energy in maintaining proper productivity. Find out how you can take advantage of these high-efficiency storage racks below:

Benefits of used Pallet Racks


Used Pallet racks are considerably cheaper than purchasing new racks. Not only are you saving money from buying used racks, but in general, Pallet racks are an inexpensive solution for organizing inventory. The strength and quality of these racks allow them to hold up for years, making them a solid long-term investment.


Pallet rack systems can be used for heavy-duty applications, as they can withstand a tremendous amount of weight and forceful impact. These racks are made from quality steel, making them durable and resistant against common wear-and-tear.

Space Saving

For warehouses and distribution centers, storage space adds value to your business by increasing productivity. Pallet racks are stackable, which allows them to improve efficiency by removing the need to take up floor space. Vertical storage allows forklifts to access inventory effortlessly, which can save valuable time.


Optimizing the space of your facility can increase the functionality of storage and distribution. The design of Pallet racks enables accessibility and inventory management. These racks make it easy for forklifts to maneuver up and down, allowing for inventory to be readily available.


Pallet racks are designed for high performance and durability. Safety is essential when working with storage equipment, which is why Pallet racks are a great solution to hazardous work environments. Individuals working in warehouse and distribution centers can rely on Pallet racks to provide optimum strength and protection.

To install used Pallet racking in PA, contact Diversified Rack and let us help you maximize productivity in your facility. We carry an array of services, as well as shelving options in our catalog to meet various storage needs. For further inquiries, please call us at 800-653-2031 or fill out our contact form.

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