Rack Repairs


Storage racks, like everything else, can fall victim to normal wear and tear after high usage. Whether we installed your shelving system or not, Diversified Rack will happily restore it back to working order. If we feel the damage is irreparable, we will put together custom suggestions based on your space available and needs and happily set up a new system for you.

Due to our diverse collection of racks and shelves, we can repair virtually any unit. From office storage space to fully stocked warehouses, we will ensure that there will be minimal downtime. Plus, we deliver, assemble, repair, and clean up, so you don’t have to worry about doing any of the dirty work.

Why is rack/shelving maintenance so important?

No matter the cause of your damaged racks, addressing problem areas is crucial for avoiding injury and inventory shrinkage. Don’t risk hurting yourself or your products by overlooking malfunctioning shelving foundations.

How do you know if a rack needs repair?

If you notice sharp edges, unstable support components, rusty metal, leaning support systems, or any other glaring weaknesses, give us a call and we will come to PA, NJ and NY to take a look and inspect your entire storage units and warehouses.

Our staff possesses tremendous experience with businesses in a multitude of industries, which comes in handy. Diversified Rack’s professional technicians know which recommendations to make for your specific shelving needs. Don’t stress out over ordering the right spare parts. Once we diagnose problem areas, we will order the necessary components and make the repairs in a quick, efficient manner. Safety always comes first, and you can rest assured knowing that everything we touch will be in working order for years to come.

Rack and Shelving Upgrades

Even if your storage system is in working condition, it can be beneficial to upgrade to a more modern setup. Diversified Rack can buy used shelves and racks, sell you newer parts, and provide immediate rack installation to limit downtime during production, shipping, and other logistical matters. We are the definition of full-service. Get your PA, NJ, and NY warehouses all on the same page by remodeling your interiors.

Save time, create space, and increase profit margins and employee efficiency simply by teaming up with Diversified Rack! Uniform systems make it easy for associates to work out of multiple locations with minimal learning curve, and happy employees equivalate to satisfied clientele.

We specialize in:

Stay ahead of the game by hiring a professional for proactive frame repairs and shelving maintenance. From wire shelving and mezzanines to rack-based shelves, we’ve got your back! Don’t be caught off-guard by unexpected incidents. Stay ahead of the game. For more information on Diversified Rack and our repair services, call 800-653-2031 today!

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