Heavy Duty Rack NJ

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Heavy Duty Pallet Racking is required when Standard Pallet Racking will not meet the load requirements needed for storing heavy pallet loads in racking. While Standard Pallet Racking has the capacity to hold most common / average pallet weights (500 – 1500 lb. pallet weights), there are instances where Heavy Duty Pallet Racking may must be used to handle the heavy load capacities required (2000- 3000 lb. pallets weights. Heavy duty pallet racking is engineered and designed to handle heavier loads and are manufactured with heavier gauge materials. DRS can provide heavy duty pallet racking that meets your specific needs and for storing heavy pallets safely. Buying the right racking for your needs is critical. If your company deals in heavy-duty products, you need to keep your inventory organized in a safe manner to maximize your space while minimizing your liability. Townships require racking that meet local seismic standards to assure a safe storage environment. There are instances in which Heavy Duty Pallet Racking may be necessary

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