Warehouse Mezzanines in NJ, NY, and PA

As businesses grow and evolve, the constant challenge of maximizing storage space becomes increasingly crucial. Particularly in the bustling commercial hubs of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, where real estate is at a premium, finding innovative ways to expand operational capacity without the costly overhead of new construction or relocation is a top priority. Enter the versatile solution of warehouse mezzanines. Diversified Rack & Shelving offers state-of-the-art mezzanine systems that not only enhance your existing floor space but also revolutionize the way you utilize every square foot of your facility!

With a convenient location in Central New Jersey, Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. provides a great option for businesses looking for high-quality warehouse mezzanines in NJ, NY, and PA. Plus, with nationwide delivery service available, any warehouse across the United States can take advantage of the competitive prices and high-quality shelving options we offer! Keep reading to learn more about our work, or contact us to request a quote for your own mezzanine system today.

The Tri-State Area’s Top Team for Storage Solutions & Shelving Equipment

Since 1990, Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. has been supplying new and used pallet racking, storage shelving, and mezzanine flooring of all sizes and configurations to local businesses in NJ, NY, PA, and beyond. As one of the largest suppliers of material handling and storage equipment on the East Coast, we proudly offer some of the most advanced products on the market. From mezzanine flooring to pallet racking, metal shelving, and more, we specialize in designing customized storage equipment for your specific application.


To assure maximum storage space for your facility and custom-fit our shelving solutions for your needs, we utilize an in-house system analyst called CAD (Computer Assisted Design) to assist each client. Whether you operate a bustling warehouse floor full of forklifts and pallet jacks or a dynamic manufacturing facility with complex conveyor systems, our expert team works closely with you to design, manufacture, and install an ideal mezzanine solution that addresses your unique challenges and enhances operational efficiency in your space.


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    "I could not have been more pleased with the work these guys did. I received several quotes and theirs was the most professional by a long shot. The guys who did the installation were beyond amazing. They not only did a great job, but went out of their way to make sure everything was setup the way we wanted and cleaned up after they were done leaving the jobsite better than when they arrived. "
    - Tim P.

    What’s a Mezzanine?

    A mezzanine, also called a mezzanine floor, is an intermediate level between the main floors of a building, often light or semi-permanent in nature and typically used in industrial and commercial spaces. Mezzanines are designed to maximize unused overhead space in your existing facility while minimizing the floor space footprint they create. This makes these work platforms an ideal solution for businesses that need additional space but cannot expand their physical boundaries (or prefer not to incur the significant costs associated with new construction). Mezzanine work platforms are particularly beneficial in locations with high ceilings, providing a cost-effective way to double or even triple your usable area without taking up valuable floor space.

    Mezzanines can serve various functions, whether they’re used for storage, production, or other purposes. At Diversified Rack & Shelving, our warehouse mezzanines in NJ, NY, and PA are customizable to fit any specific requirements, ensuring that every business can optimize their overhead space efficiently at the mezzanine level.

    Types of Mezzanine Systems

    When selecting the right type of mezzanine floor for your warehouse, production facility, or storage space, it’s important to consider factors such as intended use, available space, storage requirements, weight capacity, and budget. Here’s a rundown of a few common types of mezzanine systems:

    Also known as structural or wide-span mezzanines, free-standing mezzanine systems are among the most popular and versatile products we offer. They are independent structures, meaning that the mezzanine floor does not rely on your building for support but rather rests on the floor, with the mezzanine level supported by the rest of the structure. This type of mezzanine is highly durable and can be customized to fit a variety of storage and production purposes. We stock a variety of modular mezzanine kits that allow for easy expansion and reconfiguration, making them a great choice for businesses anticipating growth.

    Rack-supported mezzanines, or shelving-supported mezzanines, integrate shelving into the structure’s support system. Rack-supported mezzanines are particularly effective in warehouses or storage facilities where overhead space above shelving systems is underutilized. The shelving system itself supports the mezzanine floor, which can then be used for additional storage space or as an elevated work platform.

    Building column connected mezzanines attach directly to the support columns or bar joist of your building. This type of mezzanine floor is particularly cost-effective as it utilizes the structural elements already in place within the facility, reducing the amount of steel required for mezzanine construction. These mezzanines are typically used in industrial settings where a building’s layout accommodates the integration without extensive modifications.

    Work platform mezzanines serve as elevated spaces for equipment, production lines, and storage. In each work platform design, load capacity, equipment operation, and safety features are prioritized to ensure a secure working environment both on the mezzanine level and for employees on the floor below.

    For facilities with unique requirements, custom mezzanines are the most effective way to maximize overhead space. These can include any combination of the features found in other types of mezzanines, tailored to fit unusual shapes, sizes, or to meet specific requirements. Custom mezzanines are ideal for locations with irregular layouts or specialized needs that off-the-shelf storage equipment cannot accommodate. If you think a custom mezzanine floor might suit your storage needs, contact our team today to discuss our many options!

    The Countless Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

    Increases Efficiency

    The primary benefit of installing a mezzanine floor is the significant increase in usable space it provides. Our warehouse mezzanines in NJ, NY, and PA can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including storage, manufacturing, or even additional office space. By elevating certain operations to a higher mezzanine level, businesses can streamline their processes and improve workflow efficiency, reducing time and energy spent on moving equipment and personnel around the main floor area.

    Preserves Precious Floor Space

    Mezzanines are an excellent way to preserve floor space while still expanding operational capacity. They allow warehouses, distribution centers, and other buildings to maintain their current footprint, which is especially crucial in urban areas where expanding outward isn’t possible. By building upward rather than horizontally or on the floor, mezzanines make use of often-unused space, thereby enhancing the overall layout without the need for costly new buildings or leases.

    Enhances Safety and Accessibility

    Our mezzanine floors are designed with safety as a paramount concern. Equipped with robust safety features like railings, safety gates, non-slip floor surfaces, and other features that follow building codes, our industrial mezzanines help prevent accidents and ensure a secure environment for employees and products alike. A well-placed mezzanine floor can also improve the accessibility of items, allowing for picking and storage in locations where real estate is at a minimum.

    Cost-Effective Expansion Alternative

    Expanding the physical boundaries of a warehouse, storage center, manufacturing plant, or even a retail space can be prohibitively expensive, especially when considering the costs associated with acquiring a new facility. Free-standing and rack-supported mezzanines represent a highly cost-effective way to add square footage within an existing building.


    Mezzanine floors require less investment compared to purchasing a new building or relocating an existing one. Because this type of storage equipment can be installed quickly, it reduces downtime and disruption to your business operations. However, it’s still vital to work with professionals to ensure that your mezzanines meet all safety regulations. Our skilled storage system experts will take care of your mezzanine installation so you can relax and enjoy your new storage equipment to the fullest!

    Adaptable to Changing Business Needs

    One of the standout benefits of mezzanine floors is their adaptability. As business needs change, your mezzanine floors can be reconfigured or even relocated within your storage space. This flexibility and easy assembly is invaluable for warehouses, distribution centers, and other building types that experience seasonal fluctuations, evolving product lines, or growth that requires frequent reorganization of floor space. All in all, industrial mezzanines are a dynamic solution that can evolve with your business, providing long-term value.

    Suitable for Any Warehouse, Store, or Office Space

    Whether you’re running a production space, a retail outlet, or multiple warehouses, our warehouse mezzanines in NJ, NY, and PA can be adapted to fit any environment. Their versatility in design and function means that these work platforms can be tailored to support a wide array of business activities, from heavy equipment storage on the production floor to refined, comfortable office space areas. We offer a variety of mezzanine floor customization options, including additional safety features, customizable storage, additional support for heavy loads, and much more, all made from high-quality structural steel and other durable materials. Speak with our team today to find the best solution for your building!


    Supercharge Your Storage Space With Mezzanine Systems!

    Are you ready to transform your building and take your storage capabilities to new heights with a mezzanine floor? Diversified Rack & Shelving is here to help. With our expertly designed work platforms and custom mezzanines, your business can maximize every inch of available space and achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. Our mezzanines are not just about adding space beyond your main floor area; they are about enhancing the way your business operates on a daily basis.

    With easy installation, adherence to the strictest safety regulations, and a focus on cost-effective strategies, our free-standing and rack-supported mezzanines provide an unparalleled opportunity to add storage space to any building floor without the disruptions of major construction. Embrace the potential of your existing facility with custom warehouse mezzanines in NJ, NY, and PA from Diversified Rack & Shelving. Contact us today to find out how our mezzanine floors can help you optimize your warehouse layout and elevate your business to the next level — literally!