Wide Span Shelving

Available with Particle Board or Steel Shelving

Also known as Rivet Rack

Regardless of if you own or manage a local, small, medium, or big business, it is important for a company, business, or distributor to be organized. Insufficient use of space and storage can lead to hiccups and jams in inventory and logistics. That’s where Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. comes into play.

At our company, we have proudly helped get, keep, and maintain the organization of any business. From resources like wide span shelving to carton pallet flow racks, our products have been able to improve the workflow and organization of businesses across countless industries.

One of the reasons businesses turn to us is our one-of-a-kind CAD (Computer Assisted Design) in-house software that is used to ensure every square inch of your property is utilized the right way. We don’t just stop there! We also work hand-in-hand with businesses to get a better understanding of what products and equipment a company is looking to transport or store.

Recognized as an industry leader, we’ve been able to expand over our 25 plus years of being in business. Located in Central New Jersey, our 40,000 square foot headquarters is among one of the biggest suppliers of used storage equipment on the entire East Coast!

Since 1990, we have been proud to be the first place businesses call when looking to improve their workflow and efficiency. Made up a friendly staff, Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. has been able to grow to become an industry leader throughout the entire country. To see why businesses continue to turn to us time and time again, reach out to us anytime over the phone or by filling out a contact form.

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