Why Warehouse Owners Should Consider Switching From Wooden to Metal Pallets

While wooden pallets are unlikely to ever be fully phased out of use due to their lightness and affordability relative to metal, more and more warehouse owners every year are opting to utilize metal pallets to safely transport and store their heavy goods and equipment like car motors and drive assemblies. Different size enterprises throughout the world of heavy industry have been choosing to invest in metal pallets for their efficiency and durability. As a leading purveyor of used metal shelving, Diversified Rack understands that while steel may cost more initially than wood, there are several reasons why making the switch can save supervisors valuable time and money in the long term.


When you are transporting and storing heavy equipment, knowing your inventory is adequately secured in the warehouse can go a long way toward putting your mind at ease. Compared to wood, steel pallets are safer and more stable for the storage of heavy equipment. Steel pallets are typically engineer-rated for loads up to a certain size and often have rated “lashing points” to support heavier loads better. Engineer ratings on steel pallets allow supervisors to comfortably know what items are safe for storage, making administrative decisions far easier. Comparatively, wood is far more likely to splinter or break under heavier loads, which can lead to time being lost and valuable inventory being damaged.  


If your storage needs are constantly changing, you may want to consider switching to steel pallets for their versatility. Modern steel pallets are engineered with modular attachments that allow them to be adapted to suit a changing list of items. Accessories like spreader plates, hold-down bolts, and chocking systems allow existing pallets to be safely used for different purposes. These adaptive features eliminate the need to order custom wooden pallets for specialty storage purposes, which can be expensive and take a long time to make.   


While brand new steel pallets may cost more initially than wooden ones of the same size, the amount of use that warehouse owners get out of metal pallets is far higher. Less time spent thinking about replacing your pallets means more time to address the other important issues associated with running a warehouse. Steel pallets will last far longer than wood as they are not as vulnerable to damage from inclement weather like snow and ice. If your warehouse regularly has to contend with sub-freezing temperatures and still make the bottom line, steel pallets can help you avoid wasting valuable time and inventory. 

While there is a strong case for many warehouse owners to switch to metal pallets, it is also essential to consult with a trusted rack and shelving professional before making any major decision. If you are considering making the switch and would like to learn more about the pros and cons, reach out to the rack installation experts at Diversified Rack and Shelving today!