Why Use Wire Shelving in a Warehouse?

From wire shelving in NJ to full rack installation across the PA region, we’ve spent almost three decades helping businesses create more space, and improve their storage systems. Commercial warehouses are the bread and butter of many manufacturing and distribution driven businesses. However, many companies fail to appropriately utilize the space that they have available. Below, we’ve listed some of the main reasons to choose wire shelving for your warehouse.


On top of being cleaner than other popular shelving unit materials, wire shelving units are incredibly heat resistant and can help water dispersed from sprinkler systems to minimize fire damage. If a fire is affecting portions of your warehouse close to the ground, the sprinkler can permeate through the upper layers of shelving, extinguishing the blaze more effectively.


The way that wire shelving units are manufactured and the materials used to construct them allow for the minimal buildup of dust in comparison to other steel shelving units. In industries such as electronics, food storage, and healthcare, avoiding dust buildup is vital for creating a safe and hygienic environment in which to store merchandise.


When storing many heavy items that could remain on warehouse shelves for an extended period, wire shelving units are one of the most durable storage options currently available.


Wire shelving units are very flexible due to their modular nature. This feature makes it incredibly easy to increase storage space without losing any floor space. When more storage space is required, additional wire shelving can easily be purchased to expand storage capacity and create the required space.

Cold Storage

For businesses looking for cold storage solutions, wire shelving units are a perfect option. Their flow-through ventilation style allows cold air to circulate any items on the shelves efficiently. It also helps to avoid the buildup of condensation around the shelving area, as any condensed particles can evaporate into the air around the shelving units. This creates a user-friendly and high-quality storage solution for commercial cold storage areas.

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