What is stack rack? A space and cost effective solution for your warehouse:

Stack rack is a portable racking system that allows you to stack different racks on top of each other, usually consisting of a set of sturdy interlocking metal frames or pallets. These racks are designed with the intention of holding products that do not fit on traditional pallet racks or shelving units, like large bulky items such as furniture pieces or heavy equipment. Once these pallets are stacked upon each other, a quick and easy vertical storage solution is implemented within your storage space. The advantages of stack rack include space optimization, flexibility, durability, and easy accessibility, as well as cost-effectiveness. 

Let’s begin with space optimization and flexibility. Saving and creating more functional space is a warehouse manager’s top priority. This is where stack rack comes in handy, the portability and vertical extension of stack rack allows warehouse managers to save double the space. Since pallets can be stacked on each other, you are simply maximizing your vertical space within your warehouse. Additionally, stack rack provides the freedom and flexibility for warehouse managers to reconfigure their warehouse at any time! The portability of stack rack gives your warehouse the flexibility to adapt to whenever necessary.

The durability and easy accessibility of stack racks can improve warehouse storage drastically, as well as saving on costs. Stack racks are primarily made up of thick steel, allowing them to be incredibly durable and capable of holding heavy and bulky items. Investing in materials with a long service life will save your company money in the long run. The easy accessibility stack rack systems provide is also an important aspect of warehouse storage. The efficient design of stack racks allows for easy access to all products within the warehouse, facilitating effective restocking practices and inventory management. This accessibility helps in reducing the time and effort required to locate and retrieve products.

Here at Diversified Rack & Shelving, we have plenty of different types of used and new stack racks available that can accommodate any warehouse’s needs. Contact one of our sales representatives to see if stack rack is the best solution for you! Call or email us today to start exploring your options and get your free quote!