What is Cantilever Rack?

Cantilever rack is a storage system with sets of arms, or levers, that extend out from the upright frames allowing for storage of long horizontal items such as pipes, lumber, and furniture for example. These storage systems are designed to hold long, large, and bulky items. 

While traditional pallet racking can hold a variety of different items, it can only carry items that fit in the certain pallet space provided. For warehouses that hold only small to medium sized products, this can be perfectly fine, however, if you deal with large and specifically horizontal products in your facility, Cantilever Rack is more suitable for you.

Cantilever rack’s main advantage is holding large, bulky, and horizontal products that cannot fit in traditional pallet racking. For industries such as the furniture industry, the plumbing industry, and the natural resources industry, these cantilever racks can perfectly store their furniture, pipes, and lumber in the most efficient manner. 

Cantilever racks also thrive in maintaining an organized warehouse while providing additional room in terms of vertical space. Cantilever rack is the only racking system that does not use up any vertical space within a warehouse. What does this mean for your business? Well, by using cantilever racks for your bulkier items, you can still have additional room to expand vertically with other types of pallet rack for the smaller items you have in stock.

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