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What Is Archive Shelving and What Are Its Advantages?

In the world of pallet racks and shelving, there is a wide range of different products designed to meet the varying needs of different customers. Pallet racks and shelving are used by facilities to store different goods, and these facilities can often have vastly different priorities. One of the most highly specialized forms of storage is archive shelving, which is preferred by facilities where efficiency and accessibility are paramount. Commonly used to store large amounts of data recorded on paper files, archive shelving is a specialized organizational tool with its own unique set of advantages. Here’s what every warehouse owner should know about archive shelving:

Why Consider Archive Shelving?  

Archive shelving is an organization system for offices, warehouses, or other businesses. It can be used to help you store large collections of items more efficiently and free up space at your facility. What makes it different from other systems is its use of many different shelves to organize stored items or information into groups. Multiple boxes of goods can be stored on each shelf and organized according to the liking of the warehouse owner or manager. Generally, boxes on archive shelving can be stored about two deep and four or five wide, but this can vary depending on the specific type you get. Its design is ideal for storage facilities that need to keep items organized by specific traits, such as personnel files or other important documentation that isn’t digitally searchable and may need to be accessed again later. 

Maximize Your Space

Archive shelving offers many unique advantages to facilities and their owners, and has consequently become very popular among commercial organizations in recent years. One of the most commonly cited advantages of archive shelving is that it can free up additional floor space in the office or warehouse where it’s being used. In the world of commercial storage, floor space is a commodity, and storing more goods with less is a way to directly improve efficiency. With archive shelving, more boxes of items can comfortably fit on each shelf while still remaining easily accessible. The end result of this is extra free space compared to more traditional commercial shelving and storage methods.  

Organize Your Inventory 

Another distinct advantage of archive shelving is its usefulness as an organizational method. Safe and secure storage is a high priority in many facilities, but so is the accessibility of the stored information. With digital ledgers and color-coded shelving, modern archive storage systems make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for without the need for any additional searching. 

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