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What Are the Advantages of Wire Shelving?

Wire shelving offers many uses and advantages for commercial purposes — these range from warehouse order fulfillment and product storage to hospital mobile carts and storage optimization. As the leading provider of wire mesh decks, we’ve created this post to share some of the advantages that wire shelving has to offer.

Excellent Shelf Capacity

Wire shelving can generally facilitate between 600 and 800 pounds in weight — these capacities vary regarding shelf width and depth and loading patterns. We recommend checking the manufacturer’s capacity ratings before you start to load the shelf with heavy materials.

Great for Fire Suppression and Air Flow

One of the great safety features that wire shelving offers is the ability to let water from overhead sprinklers flow down onto the self-content. This can suppress and extinguish a fire, stopping the flames from destroying an entire facility. 

Additionally, wire shelving offers flow-through ventilation. In the agricultural industries, where airflow is paramount, wire shelving provides more ventilation than any other shelving material.

Multiple Finish Characteristics

The multitude of finishes available gives wire shelving a competitive advantage compared to other materials. Bio-resistant finishes help to protect staff and products inside healthcare facilities and environments.

Additionally, moisture-resistant finishes stop rust and corrosion in their tracks, which extends the longevity of the wire shelving being utilized in humid or damp environments. There are even finishes that are FDA food-grade approved.

Excellent for Pick Bins and Parts Storage

Because wire shelving is lightweight, it can be placed on wheels with wire baskets or pick bins on the shelves and transported across a warehouse space. This makes batch picking easy, and goods can be efficiently transported and replenished by warehouse staff.

Small parts storage becomes more accessible and more visible, thanks to wire shelving. Shelves can be placed strategically and can be used for their vertical storage capacity. Another advantage of pick bins is that parts are easily changed out when products change, or any modifications are made.

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