Tips For Organizing a Warehouse

Here at Diversified Rack, we provide professional rack and shelving installation for businesses in NJ, PA, and NY. By incorporating new racks and shelves into working spaces, we help companies to create more space and an organized, efficient way to stock products. As part of our work, we’re continually visiting warehouses across the country and helping to improve efficiency while saving wholesalers and manufacturers thousands of dollars in moving and storage costs. 

Below, we’ve collected some tips on how to organize a warehouse for our existing and potential clients.

Evaluate Your Warehouse Layout Design

Your warehouse design layout is essential for your organizational success. Without it, it would be impossible to optimize the rest of your warehouse space. Warehouse layout must be designed to accommodate the uninterrupted flow of traffic, materials, and people throughout the building. All products, even the products on pallets, must be accessible to all workers. Stock, storage, working areas, offices, and empty pallet storage should all be considered when optimizing warehouse design space.

Use Warehouse Racking Organization

By implementing appropriate warehouse racking and pallets,  your inventory can be stored vertically instead of horizontally. This is an excellent way to maximize warehouse space, especially for businesses that carry a lot of stock or have a small warehouse space.  Vertical racks free up more space on the ground for forklifts and staff as they maneuver around the warehouse.

 Keep Your Warehouse Clean

Clutter is detrimental to an efficiently working warehouse environment. It’s also a significant factor in a range of safety hazards and potential accidents. Dirty and disorganized warehouses can lead to obsolete inventories, which can raise costs for businesses. Tidy warehouses increase efficiency and can improve lead times.

 Label Warehouse Inventory

Employees are often busy enough to have to rely on their memories when searching for items across extensive inventories. Every item that you stock should be clearly labeled to be easily identified by staff members. Label everything using a consistent system, and include all product information on labels. This includes product names, colors, sizes, dates, and SKUs. 

Regularly Review Your Warehouse Organization System

It’s essential to continually review your warehouse operations to improve the warehouse’s organization successfully. From the effectiveness of policies to the flow of processes, and the placement of pieces of equipment, regularly verifying productivity levels is a great way to increase overall performance. By quickly identifying any process problems that harm your bottom line, you increase the chances of overall success.

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