The Benefits of Installing Warehouse Mezzanines

Here at Diversified Rack & Shelving, we provide a range of new and used materials to businesses in New Jersey and across the country. We also offer rack installations in PA and surrounding areas. Our products include pallet racks, conveyors, skate wheels, carousels, and mezzanines. But what are the benefits of installing a warehouse mezzanine? Our expert team has listed some below for the reference of our customers old and new.

What is a Warehouse Mezzanine?

A warehouse mezzanine floor system is an elevated platform installed between the ceiling and floor of a warehouse building. Generally, these are free-standing structures that are easily dismantled and moved. Mezzanines are often made of steel, but this can vary based on the specific needs of a client. These essential structures can also be designed to accommodate concrete flooring surfaces.

Why are Mezzanines Effective?

Mezzanine systems are practical solutions for increasing storage and workspace by utilizing unused vertical space. After the construction of the mezzanine, the area beneath the structure can also be used for storage or any other purposes. There are several types of mezzanines, but steel is the most common for warehouse usage.

Storage is no Longer an Issue:

A problem often faced at distribution centers and manufacturing facilities is storage. Businesses with production lines with multiple shipping responsibilities can often outgrow their facilities due to increased demand for products. Space can become an additional demand. A mezzanine allows businesses to add a substantial amount of space which can keep your business in its’ current warehouse for longer without the cost of upsizing.

Remain in your Current Location:

Space constraints could leave businesses with the added expense of a move on their minds. With the help of mezzanine professionals, space can be created via professionally customized platforms. The cost of such services is much more palatable than moving the entire business to a more prominent location.

Businesses considering mezzanine or shelving installation in NY and surrounding areas are encouraged to click here today. Our expert technicians can help you find space in your warehouse in even the most congested of industrial buildings.