Teardrop vs. Double Slotted Pallet Racks: What’s the Difference?

While pallet racks can often be repaired if the damage is minimal, sometimes you’ll need to purchase one or more new racks to ensure the overall safety and productivity of your business. It can be difficult to decide between teardrop and double-slotted pallet racks, as both are very similar and provide their own benefits.

When choosing the racks for your warehouse, there are a few things to consider including durability, compatibility, and cost. Read on to learn the differences between teardrop and double-slotted pallet racks to ensure you make an informed decision when it’s time to replace or add pallet racks to your warehouse.

Teardrop Racks

Teardrop pallet racks are designed with a double-punched teardrop pattern, which makes for quick and simple assembly. Teardrop racks are considered the most popular design in the industry, mainly due to the fact that they are compatible with a wide range of name brands.

This makes it easy to add on to existing units, which is optimal when you only need to replace a few racks. Additionally, teardrop racks are lighter than double-slotted pallet racks but just as durable. When it comes to cost, teardrop racks are generally less expensive than the double-slotted models. Teardrop racks are widely used throughout the warehouse industry, and they are easily customizable.

Double Slotted Racks

Double-slotted racks are heavier than teardrop racks, which makes them extremely durable and ideal for use with heavy-duty applications. Double-slotted racks’ step beams are slightly longer, usually between 5-feet 5-inches and 6-feet high compared to the teardrop rack’s standard step beam height of 4-feet 5-inches.

The rack’s posts feature punched slots in an angular pattern for easy assembly, however, these racks are not compatible with a wide scope of brands. Double-slotted racks are highly impact-resistant, and the cast metal construction of the racks allows for added longevity. While the cost of double-slotted racks is higher than teardrop racks, the return on investment helps balance out the scales.

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