Should You Install a Drive-In or Drive-Through Pallet Racking System in Your Warehouse?

With many different types of pallet racking system available, choosing the right style for your warehouse can be a nightmare. As the leading provider of drive-in pallet racking systems in NJ, we urge any warehouses that store large volumes of the same items to consider your storage options carefully.

Drive-in pallet racking systems are efficient solutions for high-density storage. They allow items to be stored horizontally or vertically with no aisles between bays. This means that warehouse owners can increase their storage space by up to 75 percent, packing more pallets into the same area than is possible with other pallet racking systems.

The Difference Between Drive-In and Drive-Through

The difference between these two popular pallet systems is the way that pallets are loaded and unloaded. With drive-in pallet systems, forklifts are generally used to load and unload pallets from one side of the rack. Alternatively, drive-through pallet racking systems let the forklift operator load or unload pallets from either side.

Both drive-in and drive-through pallet racking allows forklift operators to load and unload goods using rails and drive into the racks to re-stock and empty pallets. This quick solution to removing or adding inventory is particularly beneficial for products that sell quickly and therefore are in a constant cycle of replenishment and use.

Benefits of Drive-Through and Drive-In Pallet Racking

When used together, drive-through and drive-in racking systems provide many advantages for storage applications. If your inventory holds many items with the same SKU, this system is the perfect choice for efficiency.

In terms of utilizing space, this type of pallet racking system allows you to stock more goods in the same area. It also increases efficiency and productivity by saving time on product loading and unloading, allowing all items to be stored together densely.

Both drive-in and drive-through pallet racking systems offer a wide range of benefits to warehouse managers and owners. Call us today at 800-653-2031 or click here to speak to one of our warehouse management experts and discuss racking and shelving solutions for your organization. We work closely with all businesses to provide the most efficient storage systems to fit their individual requirements.