Repair or Replace?

The signs and solutions for wear and tear on your racking system.

It is inevitable for your racking systems to wear down over time. Long term usage and normal wear and tear can cause your system to have issues and not operate as efficiently as they once did. Some noticeable signs that your racking system is wearing down include, but are not limited to, metal rusting, sharp or rough edges, and weak support components. It is important to engage in routine equipment check-ups at your workplace, to ensure that your warehouse materials are in adequate condition, preventing the risk of injury among your staff.  There are two options when it comes to fixing a worn-down racking system: repairing or replacing the rack.

Repairing a worn-down racking system can provide a quick and budget-friendly solution to the issue at hand. While repairing the rack is the cost-effective option, it may not be a long-term solution as replacing the rack. Since it is not a permanent fix, even after being repaired, the rack can continue to wear down. Repair costs can add up over time. However, if your rack is only experiencing minor issues or your business is not planning on operating for the long haul, simply repairing the rack may be the best option.

Completely replacing a racking system can last longer due to the new materials and equipment provided. New material is more expensive and there is the possibility to incur additional expenses due to the dismantling, installation, and shipping costs that are a part of the process. The cost can be justified depending on the use you will get out of new pallet rack. If your warehouse is planning on operating for a long time, then perhaps investing in brand new equipment can still be a cost-effective decision for the long-term success of your company. An alternative to buying brand new material is buying used material. Diversified Rack & Shelving has an expansive inventory of new and used material to suit your needs. Call or email us today to begin exploring your options and receive your free quote!