Reduce Warehouse Product Damage with These Tips

A critical factor that leads to inventory shrinkage is product damages taking place within the warehouse. Importantly, product damage resulting from crushed, broken, bent, or defective goods accounts for significant revenue loss for everyone involved in the storage and transportation industry.

You can mitigate inventory damage risks with the following tips:

Make a Plan To Reduce Damage

Your first step is to design an operational plan to reduce stock damage. To develop an effective plan means you have to collect as much information as possible on the specific items that get damaged and how they get damaged. Create a damaged stock form to help you gather valuable information and data that will help you get a clear picture of the issues at hand.

Conduct Training Sessions

You should also hold regular warehouse staff meetings and training sessions for the workers. Regular training helps establish clear guidelines for handling stock safely and efficiently. Facilitate regular training that emphasizes skills for safe loading, stacking, and securing freight. You can also display printed instructions in visible areas to serve as reminders.

Weatherproof Your Facility

Weather elements can cause extensive damage to the inventory. Too much heat can melt plastic, while humid conditions can make packages unstable and soggy. Should moisture get into the stock, significant losses can happen. It is therefore essential to protect your warehouse from these elements. You can seek the help of HVAC system experts to help adapt your warehouse to the ideal weather and climate for the kind of stock you keep.

Invest In the Right Moving Equipment

You can also strive to move products safely with the right tools and equipment, such as pallet trucks and stackers. Pallet movers are material-handling machines essential in preventing product damage. Typically, pallet movers come in different capacities and functions. The right mover must be used for the right task. Notably, the forklift operators and warehouse staff should be encouraged to adhere to the correct pallet handling procedures designed to reduce damage while enhancing efficiency.

Install Additional Lighting

Keeping a well-lit warehouse goes a long way in ensuring a safe and conducive workplace for both the goods and the staff. A poorly lit warehouse will not only put workers at risk but will also increase the risk of product damage and accidents.

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