New vs Used: Pallet Rack and Shelving

Here at DRS, we have over 150,000 sq ft of warehouse space storing both used and new pallet racks. However, we specialize in selling, buying, and installing used pallet racking. Whether you decide on used or new pallet rack, each offer their own opportunities and benefits for your specific business. Before making such an important decision for your business, it is important to know the advantages of each option.

The key advantage of buying used pallet rack is cost. As a consumer, buying used material is a cost-effective way to outfit your storage space as opposed to buying brand new pallet rack. If you are a new company just starting out with a smaller budget, used pallet racking is a great way to save on a racking system! Purchasing used pallet rack is also a smart idea in the situation of short-term storage. If your warehouse is going to be temporarily used, then buying used pallet racking would be a good choice for you. In addition, those purchasing used racks through DRS will also save on lead time and have a quicker installation process, as used pallet rack is usually ready-to-go. Buying used pallet rack is often a more cost-friendly, environmentally sustainable, and less overwhelming alternative to purchasing brand new pallet rack.

New pallet rack can also provide many advantages. If a certain business sells very niche and specialized products, typical pallet racking systems may not exactly fit their storage needs. Purchasing new pallet rack can allow for infinite customizable options, such as load capacity, dimensions and design, and more. This ultimately provides specifically tailored pallet racking options for your business.  A new system is state of the art, with the latest technology and materials that allowing for higher durability and longer lifespan. If a business knows they are going to be using these storage solutions for the long haul, then investing in new pallet rack may be the best option. 

Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. can supply you with a new or used storage system to fit your specific needs. Here at DRS, our knowledgeable team of salesmen are eager to help you determine what solution fits your storage and warehousing requirements.

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