Need Pallet Support? 4 Types of Wire Mesh Decking

Operating a warehouse is not only about efficiency, but safety. Wire mesh decking provides added safety to warehouse applications. Decades ago, an emphasis was put on achieving low costs at a high turnaround, leaving workplace safety at the bottom of the priorities list. At Diversified Rack, we offer solutions to warehouse owners to provide a safe and secure environment, while increasing efficiency and productivity.

We offer a variety of shelving options from pallet racks to used metal shelving in PA. Wire mesh decking offers a form of support to pallet racks with their heavy-duty, grid-style beams. If you’re unsure which type of decking will best support the loads in your warehouse, check out the below options:

Standard Decking

A popular pallet rack support option is standard wire decking. The wire drops over the sides of the beam, holding it securely in place. This option offers the most durability and strength compared to other decking support. This standard option gives you the flexibility to store a variety of products.

Flared Decking

Similar in design to the standard decking option, flared decking also drops over the sides of the beam, which adds great structural stability. However, it is better suited for structural beams and box channels.

Inside Waterfall Decking

Warehouse owners favor inside waterfall decking for lower level stacking and for applications related to order pickup. Beams are not covered with this type of decking, which allows them to be used for barcode labeling. Rather than dropping over the step beam, when the decking drops down, it comes in contact with the inside of the beam.

Flat Decking

Step beams are left uncovered with flat decking, as they are designed with a flat edge. The flat edge sits flush up against the beam, rather than hanging over it. Flat wire mesh decking is ideal for hand loading and bulk rack or shelving.

Those looking for new or used metal shelving in NJ should continue browsing our website to look through our variety of warehouse storage solutions. For questions regarding our shelving options or decking support, please feel free to contact us directly at 800-653-2031.