How To Use Cantilever Racks: A Guide

One of the fastest growing segments in all of material handling, cantilever racking is a shelving solution that’s been provided by Diversified Rack since 1990. A cantilever rack (also called industrial pipe rack or lumber rack) is a unique solution to a very pervasive storage problem. Manufacturers often find themselves with oblong, bulky items they need to store safely, but with no real way to keep them from getting in the way and taking up space. If this is your headache, a heavy duty cantilever rack is the ideal solution for you.

Cantilever racks make easy work of storing long, bulky items such as lumber, wood, plumbing pipes, bar stock, plywood, iron pipes, steel pipes or any other raw material handling supplies that are excessively long or awkwardly shaped.

You can purchase cantilever racking in both single or double sided configurations — the only difference being the number of sides open and available for storage. Single-sided racks can only utilize one side, while double-sided units store materials on both the front and back sides.  

Our cantilever racks are modular based on each capacity series (medium-duty, heavy-duty, or extra heavy-duty), so additional arms, cross braces, and uprights may be required to add to your existing rack system. Arms of different sizes can be interchanged on the rack to tailor your system to a variety of different uses.

One point of caution to note: Never put cantilever rack arms on the backside of a single-sided unit. This is potentially very dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death.

Benefits of Cantilever Racks

  • Immediate accessibility to a single piece or a full load
  • Quick, convenient handling of unwieldy stock
  • Provides an orderly inventory system
  • Permits storage of tubes, pipes, bars, structural material, and other large, heavy items that must be kept raised from the floor
  • The base can be used for storage without subtracting from the capacity of the upright.
  • Forklift loading and unloading is simple and easy.
  • Easily expandable with extra arms, uprights, and braces to provide additional add-on units to your existing shelving unit.

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