How to Ensure Your Safety When Using Pallet Racking

When it comes to large warehouse storage, pallet racking is most often the optimal choice. It provides a reliable, easy-to-maintain racking solution, and remains the most commonly used method for storing pallet loads throughout the world. Pallet racks are used in the majority of manufacturing facilities, commercial operations, warehouses, and even retail stores.

The safe operation of pallet racks involves a general understanding of how to properly use them in your storage facility. An otherwise safe and sturdy pallet rack can become dangerous in a moment if used incorrectly. Beyond physical injury, the financial consequences stemming from improper use can cost your organization thousands of dollars in unnecessary spending for the repair or replacement of your mishandled pallet racks.

Here are two essential tips to ensure your safety when working with or near pallet racking.

1. Do not climb the pallet rack

We all get up caught up from time-to-time — especially in a warehouse environment where there is typically a great deal of commotion. In an attempt to save time, people will sometime climb pallet racks to pull orders or adjust products or materials. While it’s tempting for a busy picker to physically climb up to reach a higher box when the base level pallet has expired, doing so is extremely dangerous. Racks are not designed for climbing. They can have protruding nails, broken planks, and splinted stingers that can give way under a person’s body weight or puncture a hand.

2. Do not overload

Knowing the maximum capacity of your pallet rack system before you load it is crucial in ensuring worker safety. If your pallet is loaded beyond the limits of the stated capacity, a collapse is most often inevitable. Be sure your rack system can hold each load, especially in the upper levels. If you do not see weight limitations posted on your rack, find the manufacturer specs. If you’re loading the correct way to begin with, the heaviest loads will remain in the lower bays or on the floor.

Safety Matters at Diversified Rack

No matter how you are using your pallet racking system, it is essential to keep your safety, and your employee’s safety, at the forefront of your priorities. As a leading supplier of pallets racks in PA, we take it upon ourselves to stress the importance of rack and warehouse safety. Here at Diversified Rack, we offer rack installation to PA customers to help ensure the safe and effective use of your pallet system. To learn more, contact us today!