Designing Your Warehouse With the Help of Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc.

Having the right design and storage system for your warehouse can make a huge difference. Advanced warehouse storage systems allow businesses to reinvent how their existing space is used, helping you to store more of your inventory using smart and practical design. As the leading provider of drive-in racking systems, we design custom storage systems to suit the requirements of our customers. Below are some of the benefits of customized storage systems.

Organization and Efficiency

A professionally designed warehouse storage system can help your employees to find inventory items quickly and efficiently. When designing our customized storage systems, we carefully inspect the layout of your facility. Inventory control is very important to us, so we take every necessary step to make sure that your storage system is organized and efficient.

Not only will we make sure that your available space is used, but we will also ensure that your storage system is neat, safe, and secure. This will help when items need to be retrieved as quickly as possible.


What use is a warehouse storage redesign if your employees struggle to navigate through its various components?

Here at Diversified Rack, functionality is one of our main priorities. Every component that we provide is strong and durable, offering employees ease of mind and safety, while also being incredibly user-friendly.

From mezzanines to pallet racking and project coordination, we offer full-service warehouse design that creates a new level of organization and space-management. Your warehouse will become more efficient, which will increase profits and improve time management.

Expert Advice

Our high-grade storage systems are cost-effective and user-friendly, with expert guidance from design to implementation. Our team is composed of professional warehouse storage specialists; we live and breathe warehouse design solutions.

We can help you to determine the exact needs for your warehouse, in the most efficient way possible. We offer a variety of budget-friendly and high-grade options, providing flexibility for our customers as we enhance their facilities and create advanced storage systems.

For additional information, or to schedule shelving installation in NY and neighboring areas, contact a member of the Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. team today.