Benefits of Adding Cantilever Racks to Your Storage System

As a dependable provider of cantilever racks near PA, Diversified Rack understands that warehouse managers are always looking for innovative solutions to cut costs while increasing productivity. When it comes to improving a facility’s efficiency, cantilever racks can prove extremely useful. Primarily designed to accommodate longer, thinner items, cantilever racks offer several advantages and uses that standard shelving is hard-pressed to provide.

Quick Access

The basic design of cantilever racks includes two small racks flanking each side of a lengthy I-beam, with nothing directly above it and no traditional ‘shelf surface’ to speak of. This unobstructed design allows for easy access, especially on higher shelves with forklifts or comparable equipment. The design allows for a high degree of item placement and retrieval options, meaning you can keep more SKUs and other relevant items on cantilevers having to worry about them being buried behind other pallets of items you don’t need at a moment’s notice.

Storage of Heavy or Hard-To-Shelve Items

Cantilever shelving’s design allows for the storage of longer, thinner items like steel racks, beams, piping, and long pieces of lumber. Brace sets can be installed beneath the arms to provide a solid deck, so heavy items like pre-packed furniture or roll forming sheet metal can stand on the racks. While these items traditionally prove difficult and cumbersome to store with traditional shelving and rack methods, the open design and length of cantilever racks are ideally suited for those tall, skinny items you need to keep elevated off the floor.

Save Time and Money

Since this design allows for more accessible item storage and handling, workers can locate parts they need in a shorter amount of time or load them onto shelves faster than they would with other types of racks. The increased storage space they provide, both depth- and length-wise, allows for space economy by freeing up areas and allowing for deeper storage to stow away more items that would be placed on other shelving you’d need to invest in.

Easy Installation and Adaptability

When dealing with storage systems, it’s crucial to plan ahead of time so you can incorporate new storage systems into your facility—cantilever racks let you do just that. They provide a high level of compatibility and functionality when it comes to growing your storage system to fit your business’ needs.

At Diversified Rack, we’re happy to help you with all of your storage and handling needs. Contact us today for more information about our used cantilever racks in NJ!