Why Warehouse Owners Should Consider Switching From Wooden to Metal Pallets

While wooden pallets are unlikely to ever be fully phased out of use due to their lightness and affordability relative to metal, more and more warehouse owners every year are opting to utilize metal pallets to safely transport and store their heavy goods and equipment like car motors and drive assemblies. Different size enterprises throughout the world of heavy industry have been choosing to invest in metal pallets for their efficiency and durability. As a leading purveyor of used metal shelving, Diversified Rack understands that while steel may cost more initially than wood, there are several reasons why making the switch can save supervisors valuable time and money in the long term.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Pallet Racking

For companies like Amazon and others that store their goods in a warehouse, pallet racking is essential. Pallet racking is a system of material storage wherein goods are stored on pallets or “skids” in rows with multiple levels. 

Quite simply, this tiered storage of material allows more goods to be stored in the same size space, and has made pallet racking a staple of modern warehouses, retail centers, and other distribution centers. But not all pallet racks are created equal — there are a few different types of racks designed to fit different storage needs, and knowing the differences between them can help ensure you get the optimal racking for your needs.   

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Benefits of Adding Cantilever Racks to Your Storage System

As a dependable provider of cantilever racks near PA, Diversified Rack understands that warehouse managers are always looking for innovative solutions to cut costs while increasing productivity. When it comes to improving a facility’s efficiency, cantilever racks can prove extremely useful. Primarily designed to accommodate longer, thinner items, cantilever racks offer several advantages and uses that standard shelving is hard-pressed to provide.

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What Are the Advantages of Wire Shelving?

Wire shelving offers many uses and advantages for commercial purposes — these range from warehouse order fulfillment and product storage to hospital mobile carts and storage optimization. As the leading provider of wire mesh decks, we’ve created this post to share some of the advantages that wire shelving has to offer.

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Designing Your Warehouse With the Help of Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc.

Having the right design and storage system for your warehouse can make a huge difference. Advanced warehouse storage systems allow businesses to reinvent how their existing space is used, helping you to store more of your inventory using smart and practical design. As the leading provider of drive-in racking systems, we design custom storage systems to suit the requirements of our customers. Below are some of the benefits of customized storage systems.

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The Benefits of Dismantling and Relocation Services

Here at Diversified Rack & Shelving, we provide professional dismantling and relocation services for warehouses across America. We offer a range of services including but not limited to:

  • Palletizing and banding materials
  • Loading and unloading of materials
  • Providing forklift rentals
  • Modifying, repairing, or fabricating existing racks
  • Making deliveries
  • Providing an on-site field supervisor

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3 Crucial Warehouse Safety Tips

Running a warehouse is a complex operation, and there are countless safety hazards that can arise unexpectedly when workers are unprepared. From forklift collisions to falling merchandise, you just never know what can go wrong. If you want to preclude the possibility of a serious accident, injury, or spill occuring in your warehouse, follow these three warehouse safety tips.

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Why Use Wire Shelving in a Warehouse?

From wire shelving in NJ to full rack installation across the PA region, we’ve spent almost three decades helping businesses create more space, and improve their storage systems. Commercial warehouses are the bread and butter of many manufacturing and distribution driven businesses. However, many companies fail to appropriately utilize the space that they have available. Below, we’ve listed some of the main reasons to choose wire shelving for your warehouse.

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Tips For Organizing a Warehouse

Here at Diversified Rack, we provide professional rack and shelving installation for businesses in NJ, PA, and NY. By incorporating new racks and shelves into working spaces, we help companies to create more space and an organized, efficient way to stock products. As part of our work, we’re continually visiting warehouses across the country and helping to improve efficiency while saving wholesalers and manufacturers thousands of dollars in moving and storage costs. 

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Benefits of Buying Used Pallet Racking For Your Business

As the most reputable provider of used pallet racks in PA, we stock an extensive range of used pallet racking and material handling equipment. Our team of professional handling specialists offers complete service and installation for all of our products. We’ve been buying, selling, installing, and maintaining shelving and storage systems for almost 30 years and have established ourselves as an authority in our industry.

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