A Beginner’s Guide to Pallet Racking

For companies like Amazon and others that store their goods in a warehouse, pallet racking is essential. Pallet racking is a system of material storage wherein goods are stored on pallets or “skids” in rows with multiple levels. 

Quite simply, this tiered storage of material allows more goods to be stored in the same size space, and has made pallet racking a staple of modern warehouses, retail centers, and other distribution centers. But not all pallet racks are created equal — there are a few different types of racks designed to fit different storage needs, and knowing the differences between them can help ensure you get the optimal racking for your needs.   

Push Back Racks 

Push back racking is extremely useful because it allows warehouses to store pallets of goods up to 6 feet deep on either side of the central aisle. This offers more storage density than other, similar methods. Installing push back racking in NY is affordable and can save warehouse owners money by increasing storage density. 

Hook and Slot Racks 

“Hook and Slot” in this context refers to the automatic lock system that connects the columns and horizontal beams. Hook and slot racks offer the most vertical adjustability out of the three main types, as well as a wide variety of sizes and capacities. If versatility is your top priority, then this is the pallet rack for you.   

Teardrop Racks 

This type of rack gets its name from the shape of the holes on its upright columns. In teardrop racks, the pallets sit on horizontal load beams that are secured in place by mounting clips. The mounting clips in question are very easy to move, allowing for quick adjustments of the rack’s height and load capacity. Teardrop racks are usually all compatible with one another, regardless of the manufacturer, and are useful for facilities that store a variety of different size materials. 

Bolted Beam Racks 

If you need to store some very heavy items, then a bolted beam rack system might be the best fit for you. Bolted beam racks have a structure that is similar to teardrops, but their horizontal beams are attached to the columns with bolts instead of mounting clips. The bolting method makes the racks more difficult to adjust but greatly increases their load capacity.  

Pallet racks can be found in almost any modern warehouse, manufacturing facility, or distribution center. They help increase the storage capacity of warehouses and make goods more accessible to everyone. Anyone interested in purchasing new or used pallet racks in PA for their storage center should reach out to the experts at Diversified Rack and Shelving today.